purmundus challenge 2012: Jewellery for people or their direct environment

In 2012 the purmundus challenge invited designers and engineers to use the freedom provided by 3D printing to design concepts for industrially produced jewellery and ornaments.

1st Prize - 'purmundus challenge 2012':

The bracelet FUSILLI exhibits a surprising elasticity and points at a new materiality which can't be realised by convential manufacturing methods. SINE BOWL is based on an artfully arranged algorithm that makes it inconspicuous and sophisticated all at once. Clement Zheng combines originality and innovative force as well as both formal and conceptual qualities, in the design of his two products. The complex architecture of the products seems to exactly meet the requirement to fully exploit the possibilities of rapid prototyping.

2nd Prize - 'purmundus challenge 2012':

Every design starts as an idea born in the imagination of the designer. From this idea, the designer then envisions how the item could be developed. EVOLUTION BRACELET sets out to capture these moments of inspiration - from the birth of the idea to the finished product. Studio Mango makes a persuasive statement with its emotive concept and fresh, creative design analogies that take advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing. The jury: "Fresh, playful and having fun with the material."

Support 2012

Jury 2012

Kay Uwe Witte - CEO XO Designgroup
Christoph Völcker - Creative Director purmundus
Arno Schmadl - EOS GmbH
Gerrit Terstiege - Design Journalist
Lionel T. Dean - Designer
Jürgen Marquardt - Jewellery Designer
Simone Völcker - CEO d.sign21
Hannes Bäuerle - CEO raumPROBE