purmundus challenge 2013: Design 3.0 - Opportunities for customisation enabled by 3D printing

Designers, engineers and programmers were invited to explore new paths in product design, with the goal of realising the design freedom inherent in 3D printing in a customer-specific, forward-looking manner.

Best Concept - 'purmundus challenge 2013':

FLEAD is a piece of jewellery that transmits individual ideas and messages that cannot be communicated visually due to physical limitations. Jonas Darley accomplishes this effect by drawing on braille, which then becomes a key element of a modern piece of jewellery. The jury considered the highly emotive concept to be particularly worthy of praise. In addition, the submission plays with the ability of 3D printing to reproduce various degrees of hardness.

Best Product - 'purmundus challenge 2013':

SCREW LOCK represents a new generation of screws: a computer program is used to generate custom screw heads that can only be undone using the matching counterpart. Gaspar Battha and Daniel Dalfovo surprised the jurors with their security concept for this year's challenge theme - customized screws made by 3D printing.

Support 2013

Jury 2013

Werner Aisslinger - Studio Aisslinger
Dr. Diana Arellano - Filmakademie Ludwigsburg
Prof. Mario Doulis - Merz Akademie Stuttgart
Arno Held - EOS GmbH
Andrej Kupetz - German Design Council
Gerrit Terstiege - Design Journalist
Christoph Völcker - Creative Director purmundus
Kay Uwe Witte - CEO XO Designgroup