Jury in 2017

Christoph Behling

Christoph Behling completed his diploma in Industrial Design in 1995 in Stuttgart. Upon graduation, Behling worked for a number of well-known product design consultancies in both Tokyo and London before establishing Christoph Behling Design in 2004. In parallel, Behling founded SolarLab Research & Design in 2006 to formalise his passion for sustainable transport design.

Working globally across a variety of industries, including communication technology, fashion, luxury watches, water sanitation and transport, he works with clients including TAG Heuer, Nokia, Dior, Versace, Fred, Lacoste, and Geberit. Behling has received numerous accolades for his work. For 5 years he taught the Masters course in Design Products at the Royal College of Art and is the curator-cofounder of RCA's annual Sustain exhibition during the London Design Festival.

Isabelle Fröhlich

Isabelle Fröhlich studied Industrial Design at the University of the Arts Berlin and is an alumnus of the d.school at the Hasso Plattner Institute Potsdam. In 2012, she joined the Futures Research Department at Volkswagen AG, where she has been working very closely with engineers and designers of all brands, such as Škoda, Porsche, Audi, MAN and VW.

On the one hand, she and her colleagues are working on future mobility concepts; on the other hand, her aim is to foster the structural transformation as well as creative and visionary approaches in the entire organisation.

Tilla Goldberg

Tilla Goldberg studied Industrial and Product Design at the State Academy for Fine Arts in Stuttgart. With her dissertation she won the Lucky Strike Junior Design Award and has received other prestigious international design awards since then.

Tilla acquired experiences in design field through her collaborations with renowned designers such as Ross Lovegrove in London, Idée Workstation in Tokyo und Nick Dine / Dinersan in New York. These experiences have laid the foundations for finding innovative solutions in her design work: from an electric kettle to a solar powered boat, from a low-budget trade fair stand to a palace in Uzbekistan. In 2001 she set up her own design office Golden Planet Design in Cologne and specializes on product design projects and scenographic projects worldwide. Since 2009 Tilla is member of the management board at Ippolito Fleitz Group, with studios in Stuttgart, Berlin and Shanghai.

Dr. Alexander Hildebrandt

Dr. Alexander Hildebrandt has studied electrical engineering in Ulm (Germany) and got his diploma in 2002. After working as a research associate at the University of Ilmenau and Stuttgart (Germany) he received his Ph.D. in 2009. Since 2006 he works as an engineer of automation and control in the research department of the Festo AG & Co. KG. His key activities are the control and dimensioning of pneumatic, electrical and biomechanical drives.

Andreas Pany, Dipl. Designer

Andreas Pany studied Jewelry and Industrial Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Helsinki and Leicester. At Strassacker art foundry he got lots of experience in international art and design projects, also in architecture. Today he is the leader of the design- and sculpturing department, responsible for product development of the company.

Generative modelling and rapid prototyping, especially 3D-print supports us since 2001. These techniques are nowadays also used to support moulding processes, jigs and fixtures, and restauration of historical parts.

Prof. Dali Sun

Prof. Dali Sun studied Industrial Design at Tsinghua University Academy of Arts in Beijing and at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart. Upon graduations, Prof. Sun worked as a product designer for a number of multinational companies including China general machinery, Siemens and Mannesmann.

Prof. Sun has received a number of International Design Awards and Artistic Awards, such as the German Bavarian National Award of the Design, Braun Design Award and the International Marianne Brandt Arts Award. Today he is dean of the College of Art and Design at the Beijing University of Technology and a member of the Germany Artist Association (BKK), China Industrial Design Association and China Display Design Association.

Rainer Zimmermann

Rainer Zimmermann studied product design at the State Academy for Fine Arts in Stuttgart and transport-design at the Royal College of Art in London. After graduating, he worked as a freelance designer for various clients and agencies. Starting in 1989, he has worked for five years as a senior designer at Busse Design in Ulm. Since 1993 Zimmermann has his own office for strategic, innovative product design and high standard creations, based in Beimerstetten near Ulm. His references include for example Armada Signs, centrotherm, Deutsche Städte Medien, Dietrich Theater, Mauthe, Neon Industrie Urbane Einrichtungen, Ondal, Otis, Schmidt Motorsport Gmbh, Schumi London, Ströer City-Marketing and Wella.

Besides the support of interns and young designers, he organizes, coordinates und moderates workshops on marketing, brand, strategy and ethics. Since 1980 he has been actively member in the German Association of Industrial Designers (VDID).