purmundus challenge 2014: Print up your life! - How is 3D printing changing our world?

In 2014, designers, graphic artists, architects, mathematicians, engineers and programmers were asked the following questions: Where is 3D printing finding its way into our everyday life? And which products are making a meaningful contribution?

Best Concept - 'purmundus challenge 2014':

GENERIC GRIP is a concept for the development and realisation of customised tools and sports equipment. Additive manufacturing processes can be used to create an optimised grip for each user, thereby allowing a tool to be used more effectively while minimising user strain. The aim of this project from Simon Ruber is to develop a modern, viable approach for a more sustainable, more responsible attitude toward consumer and durable goods in combination with additive manufacturing processes.

Best Product - 'purmundus challenge 2014':

In Kenya, children's feet often fall prey to the Chigoe flea. Infested toes and feet become sore and swollen, and the children can no longer support their own weight due to the extreme pain from the open sores. HAPPY FEET provides an adapted shoe that allows the child to walk again. First, the foot must be scanned with a 3D scanner. The production material is made from local plastic waste, which is extruded to a filament that can be used directly. The recycled material is formed into a footbed that fits precisely, and is finished with textiles for the soft areas of the shoe. The work of Roy Ombatti focuses on the problems in developing countries. As well as having the potential to make a real difference there, his product also highlights the most important properties of 3D printing: customisation, need-based production and recycling of local materials.

Support 2014

Jury 2014

Alexander Hafner - General Manager, MakerBot Europe GmbH & Co. KG
Prof. Volker Helzle - Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Florian Horsch - Geschäftsführer HypeCask, Buchautor
Sylvia Olp - Stellvertretender Vorstand aed Stuttgart
Botho Reichmann - Rat für Formgebung
Christoph Völcker - Creative Director purmundus
Kay Uwe Witte - Beiratsmitglied der EuroMold und CEO XO Designgroup
Terry Wohlers - Principal Consultant & President of Wohlers Associates